Best Amphibian Habitat Lighting of March 2021

November 20, 2020 By Sylvia Alvarez

We present you a rating of 10 top Amphibian Habitat Lighting, current of March 2021 with a description of technical characteristics and reviews.

Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T5HO 24 watt 22” Reptile Lighting Fluorescent Tube Bundle with Carolina Custom Cages' Chlorhexidine Solution 2%; 1 Refill Makes 32 oz. of Working Solution

Approx. price: $47.

Key Features:

  • The best fluorescent tube that we’ve ever used for our reptiles’ UVB requirements! Other tubes that we tried either don’t have adequate output in the beginning or they degrade much faster than should be expected. This UVB is necessary for your reptile’s synthesis of vitamin D3, which is essential for the effective metabolism of dietary calcium in its bones and blood.
  • Some reptiles require more or less UVB than others. A UVB 10.0 Tube means that 10% of the tube’s output is UVB. Bearded dragons and similar desert reptiles require more UVB and a 10.0 tube is the better choice. Green iguanas, anoles and similar jungle / forest reptiles require less UVB and a 5.0 tube is the better choice in smaller habitats when these reptiles are younger. We also prefer to use the 5.0 tube for our translucent bearded dragons and for our silkback bearded dragons (“silkies”).
  • This tube fits 2 of the T5HO fixtures offered by Carolina Custom Cages; the Reptile T5HO 22" Standard Fixture & Reflector and the Reptile T5HO 22" Fixture & Reflector with Basking Light Assembly. This second unit is able to provide for UVB and basking requirements in one streamlined fixture that is easy to mount underneath your cage's top screen mesh. Animal should be no closer than 10” directly under the fixture and no closer than 6” diagonally from the sides or ends of the fixture.
  • We have also included a bottle of our Chlorhexidine Solution 2%; 1 refill makes 32 oz. of working solution – just add water! This is the best cleaner for your reptile’s habitat; used and recommended by exotic animal vets for cleaning your cages and other habitat items. Basically, you spray and wipe and then if your reptile licks where you just cleaned, it won't hurt them. Great for daily maintenance cleaning as well as monthly cleaning from top to bottom.
  • See also our Carolina Custom Cages’ listing for “Chlorhexidine Solution 2%; 32 oz. Sprayer, plus 2 refills” and our listing for “Chlorhexidine Solution 2%; 3 refills make 32 oz. each of working solution”. Carolina Custom Cages is a division of Carolina Designer Dragons, Inc.; a boutique breeder of bearded dragons, selections on our website.
LUCKY HERP 160 Watt UVA+UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb High Intensity Self-Ballasted Heat Basking Lamp/Bulb/Light for Reptile and Amphibian

Approx. price: $31.

Key Features:

  • Perfect UVB daylight bulb : heat & UVA / UVB / visible light all in one lamp, no harmful UVC output - self-ballasted mercury vapor bulb simulates sunlight, keeps animals warm and promotes vitamin production necessary for health.
  • Ideal for almost reptiles and amphibians: our UVA UVB bulb is ideal for bearded dragons, tortoises, turtles, geckos, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, also fit for frogs, toads, snakes & more.
  • Can be used in all enclosures: our UVA UVB reptile light is perfect for those where need reptile UVB light and UVB bulbs, also can be used in a higher humidity environment because of thicker bulb glass than other UVB bulbs.
  • E26 socket(standard US size), please use good quality ceramic socket for our UVB reptile light. Please check the 100w mercury vapor bulb size and your lamp fixture size. Not to be used with dimmers/rheostats.
  • Voltage:120V;Wattage:160W
Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit, for Reptiles and Amphibians, Small Tall, 18 x 18 x 24 Inches, PT2607A1

Approx. price: $280.

Key Features:

  • Glass terrarium for reptiles or amphibians
  • Patented front window ventilation
  • Raised bottom frame in order to fit a substrate heater and has a waterproof bottom
  • Escape-proof dual doors lock to prevent escape
  • Closable inlets for wires and/or tubing management
  • Reptile Terrarium Dimensions: 12 W x 12 D x 12 H inches (30 x 30 x 30 centimeter)
REPTI ZOO T8 Reptile Sun UVB Terrarium Desert Reptile 18 inch UVB Bulb Fluorescent Lamp Tube T8 15 Watt Habitat Lighting

Approx. price: $29. You may saved up to 31%.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for desert dwelling reptiles that require UVB/UVA lighting;
  • It is effective for UVB induced photoconversion of vitamin D3 in reptiles skin;
  • Stimulates appetite, activity and reproductive behavior through UVA radiation;
  • Provides necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism;
  • It helps support bone health by promoting appropriate calcium absorption
Clamp Lamp Fixture for Reptiles & Amphibians, Clip-on Pet Lamp Fixture,Upgraded Adjustable Habitat Lighting & Holder Stand, for Pet Heat Lamps Bulbs Use, Black

Approx. price: $15.

Key Features:

  • *Solid Ceramic Base - Suitable for reptile lamps, can withstand high temperatures.
  • *Clip-on Design - A sturdy clamp allows for easy installation. Just clip it on the table or other edge of pet house.
  • *Flexible Adjustment - A flexible gooseneck lamp neck can adjust it to a perfect angle.
  • *Widely Use - Standard ceramic socket can be used with light bulb, heat emitter, UVA/UVB bulb, infrared emitter etc.
  • *WARNING: Keep distance between the fixture and the pets to prevent burns from the pet lights. (The package exclude the bulb)
Zilla Reptile Habitat Lighting & Terrarium Heat Power Center, Analog

Approx. price: $66.

Key Features:

  • Analog Timer allows for daily programming with on/off outlets as well as constant power outlets
  • 8 Total outlets - 4 daytime/nighttime alternating outlets and 4 constant power outlets
  • 15-Minute interval settings
  • Take complete control of habitat fixture on/off cycles with one power strip
  • Up to 1875 watts, 15 amps
QSLQYB UVB Reptile Light, UVB 5.0 UVB 10.0 UVB 20.0 Led UVB Reptile Light, Led Reptile Light UVA UVB Lamp for Turtle Bearded Dragon (20.0-2)

Approx. price: $22.

Key Features:

  • The LED UVA+ UVB lamps are the best products on the market, perfectly solving the various drawbacks of other UV products.
  • Full-spectrum LED bulbs with low power consumption, long life, high security and other advantages, and have UVB5.0 and UVB10.0 options.
  • The LED UVB 5.0 bulb actually consumes only 3 watts of power, but it has the same effect as the 26 watts on the market and has a three-fold increase in life.
  • Works for turtles, bearded dragons, lizards, reptiles, birds, terrariums, and aviaries.
  • After-Sale Warranty: Our LED UVA+UVB bulb have CE certification and 2 years quality assurance. If you are not satisfied with the Led lights, please feel free to contact us. We will solve any problems you have within 24 hours.
Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit_DX

Approx. price: $48.

Key Features:

  • Complete lighting kit for "desert" species
  • Mini combo deep dome lamp fixture
  • Repti Basking Spot Lamp 75 watts
  • Repti Sun 10.0 mini compact fluorescent lamp 13 watts
Fluker Labs SFK22404 Reptile Incandescent Daylight Bulb for Pet Habitat, 150-watt, Blue

Approx. price: $12.

Key Features:

  • Incandescent daylight bulb for basking animals
  • Provide the radiant heat (infrared light) that reptiles need
  • Reptiles are exothermic and depend on their environmental temperature to regulate their core body temperature
  • If a reptile is not provided an appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR), it may be predisposed to chronic infections
  • Available in 150-watt bulb and blue color
(2 Pack) Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer & Power Strip

Approx. price: $61.

Key Features:

  • (2 Pack) Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer & Power Strip
  • Programmable timer and power strip in one
  • Includes 8 grounded outlets
  • Easy to program analog design
  • Provides for a natural day/night cycle for your fish Works with all kinds of aquarium lamps

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