Best GameCube Video Games of March 2021

November 20, 2020 By John Mills

We present you a rating of 10 top GameCube Video Games available for sale of March 2021 with a description of technical characteristics.

GameCube Video Games with Great Reviews

Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island - Gamecube


Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island - Gamecube

Approx. price: $17. You may saved up to 30%.

Key Features:

  • Play as SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, Timmy Turner, Patrick Star, Fairly Odd Parents, Sandy Cheeks and Samantha Manson
  • 1 to 2 player gameplay -- new players can join in at any time
  • New enemies and villains to be faced with a new combat system
  • Vast areas of Volcano Island to explore - battle though dense forest, treacherous terrain, and climb the dreaded volcano
  • Unlock bonus levels and crazy costumes
Balanced Option

Avatar - Gamecube


Avatar - Gamecube

Approx. price: $32.

Key Features:

  • THQ
Best Price GameCube Video Games

Luigi's Mansion - Gamecube


Luigi's Mansion - Gamecube

Approx. price: $42.

Key Features:

  • Luigi is off to check out a haunted mansion full of howling ghosts & spirits
  • Help Luigi vacuum up ghosts in over 90 rooms
  • When you capture ghosts, trap them in paintings to get points
  • Watch Luigi creep, cower and cry in fright as he encounters spirits
  • Great object animations and cartoony fun for everyone!
Star Wars: Rebel Strike - Rogue Squadron III

Approx. price: $31. You may saved up to 76%.

Key Features:

  • As a Rebel fighter pilot, you'll face Imperial forces in a number of incredible flying machines
  • Master every sort of vehicle the Rebels use, from X-Wing and B-Wing fighters, to speeder bikes -- you'll even ride tauntauns
  • Climb out of your cockpit to wage war on foot, as you become heroes like Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles
  • Cinematic realism as you step out of into faithful recreations of worlds from the Star Wars films
  • Engage in multiplayer battle with new modes like co-operative mode, endurance, capture-the-base and dogfights!
Quality Built In

Cars - Gamecube (Renewed)

Disney Interactive Studios(World)

Cars - Gamecube (Renewed)

Approx. price: $35. You may saved up to 25%.

Key Features:

  • Story-based racing adventure game relives all the key moments of the movie
  • More than 10 playable characters from the film
  • Open world environment with more than 50 races




Approx. price: $33.

Key Features:

  • Al Simmons was a soldier specializing in black ops - dirty military actions run by the CIA. When he was killed in action, Al was given a second chance at life -- but only as a pawn in the eternal game between light & darkness. He's now a Spawn, but he'll do whatever it takes to break free & have his life back.
  • Help Spawn break free from the control of Hell and avoid destruction by the forces of Heaven
  • Explore a darker, dirtier near-future New York as you battle your way through 25 missions
  • Struggle against impossible odds, using your magic battle axe, living costume and a variety of conventional weapons
  • Incredible graphics and combos -- hit opponents with magic chains, juggle opponents in unique gunshot combos and glide across skyscrapers with your living cape
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - Gamecube (Game)

Approx. price: $21.

Key Features:

  • Use the simple controls for a world of great game moves - jump around on elastic vines, ride animals, pound enemies with your fist and more
  • Interact with all sorts of enemies, obstacles and challenges with the bongos -- from soaring in a homemade parachute to bouncing off the walls like a pinball
  • Precise and intuitive context-sensitive controls, depending on the timing of your drumming
  • On-screen nudges players in the right direction
AV Cable Composite Video Cord Compatible with Nintendo 64/N64/GameCube/Super Nintendo SNES TV Game(6 Feet)

Approx. price: $6.6.

Key Features:

  • Composite AV cable: this AV cable is standard AV composite lead, yellow, red and white connectors on one end and input for Nintendo on the other
  • AV to TV cord: let you connect your Nintendo console with TV or monitors via the AV in socket and also provides composite video and audio output for viewing on a TV
  • Applicable TV model: AV cable can work well with modern HD LCD LED televisions, please make sure your display have composite video and audio inputs
  • Compatible with: this AV cable can be applied for Game Cube, Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) machines and this wire cable is soft that easy for installation
  • This composite AV cable, replace lost or broken AV cables for your Nintendo, allows you to continue with your gaming experience
Mario Party 7 (Renewed)

Approx. price: $165.

Key Features:

  • This renewed game has been cleaned, tested, and shows minimal wear. It may come repackaged in a generic case.
  • Two new playable characters, Dry Bones and Birdo
  • New Mic Grand Prix mode allows voiceover madness for everyone
  • A whole new world of wackiness, ensuring a whole new experience for even the Mario Party vets!

Lego Star Wars

Eidos Interactive

Lego Star Wars

Approx. price: $40.

Key Features:

  • Compete in action packed lightsaber duels against Darth Maul
  • Experience mind-blowing space battles in your starfighter
  • Use the Force to construct - accessing secret areas and overcoming obstacles - and play as many favorite characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and more!

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