Popular Science Classroom Optics Kits of December 2020

November 20, 2020 By Sylvia Alvarez

In this article, we will look at 10 top Science Classroom Optics Kits that can be purchased in stores of December 2020 with descriptions of technical characteristics and customer reviews.

Gonioa 4 Pack K9 Optical Crystal Photography Prism Set, Including 50mm Crystal Cube, 50mm Triangular Prism, 50mm Crystal Ball, 60mm Optical Pyramid for Science Physics and Teaching Photo Photography

Approx. price: $16. You may saved up to 5%.

Key Features:

  • What You'll Get: This optical set including: 1 x 50mm crystal ball, 1 x 60mm pyramid, 1 x 50mm crystal prism, 1 x 50mm crystal cube with well packaged. Really an ideal play set for kids spectrum education.
  • High Quality Materials: Made of K9 optical glass with delicate polished, our Triangular Prism has high Transmittance, and creates beautiful rainbows by splitting beams of light into the right angle.
  • A Must-Need Tool for Photography: Everything you need to start taking incredbile pictures is right here. There is no fuzzy or hazy defects by adding our Prism to your camera you could easily get good halo, flare effects without editing.
  • Used for Teaching: Teach your young learners more about colors spectrum such as showing the rainbow and science physics teaching photography crystal equilateral fractal spectrum prism.
  • Muti-Function: crystals are believed to clear your mind and bring you peace. Not only useful for teaching, but also great for home or office decor as well. It also can inspire you with unique pictures and videos, like in Instagram or TikTok
4 Pack K9 Optical Crystal Photography Prism Set, Include 50mm Crystal Ball, 50mm Crystal Cube, 50mm Triangular Prism, 60mm Optical Pyramid with Gift Box for Teaching Light, Education, Photography

Approx. price: $26. You may saved up to 26%.

Key Features:

  • [A Must Tool for Photography] - If you want to take some amazing pictures, or some basic optical research, or as a gift for kids friends lover etc. this high quality K9 optical crystal photography prism set are highly recommend to you.
  • [High Quality K9 Crystal Prism Set] - Each of the optical glass triangular prism etc are made of high quality optically clear crystal and inspect by each QC team, make sure free of bubbles, distortions, color or inclusions.
  • [Muti-Function Use] - The clear crystal set are believed to clear our mind and absorb sunshine / moonlight too. Can add brightness and harmony to your life space or studio, also can use them for decoration or teaching. Like showing the rainbow and science physics teaching photography crystal equilateral fractal spectrum prism.
  • [Gift Box Packaging] - This optical set include: 1 x 50mm crystal ball, 1 x 50mm crystal prism, 1 x 50mm crystal cube, 1 x 60mm pyramid with the white gift box. Really an ideal gift for kids spectrum education.
  • [Gift Use for Students or Teachers] - Can be used as a gift for kids, students, teachers in the opening season, showing as a gift for Children`s day, Teacher`s day, Christmas, New Year, Birthday or some festivals.
Best Price Science Classroom Optics Kits

545mm x 325mm Crystal Clear Spot Fresnel Lens for Solar Projects


545mm x 325mm Crystal Clear Spot Fresnel Lens for Solar Projects

Approx. price: $142.

Key Features:

  • Solar Spot Fresnel lens
CGOLDENWALL Adjustable Trial Frame Optical Trial Lens Frame PD 54-70mm Pure Titanium Optical Titanium Optic Trial Eye Optometry Lens Frame Test Optician TF-BT

Approx. price: $62.

Key Features:

  • Specification : Material: lightweight titanium alloy & plastic Holds 8 trial lenses, with standard diameter of 38 mm
  • Adjustable angle & length of side, and adjustable nose-pads Smooth changeable cylinder axis twirls One touch PD adjustment (2mm increments): 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70
  • Features: * Suitable for professionals. * High quality and long service life. * Made of high quality material and Precise workmanship
  • Package included: 1 x Eye Optometry Trial Lens Frame 
Best Budget Buy

Thames & Kosmos Optical Science

Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos Optical Science

Approx. price: $38.

Key Features:

  • Investigate light and color
  • Learn about eyes and lenses
  • View amazing optical illusions
  • Discover how your eyes and brain work together to perceive things visually
  • For ages 8+ years
Rainbow Symphony Diffraction Grating Glasses - Linear 500 Line/Millimeters, Package of 50

Approx. price: $25.

Key Features:

  • Makes the study of light and color fun and unforgettable
  • Features a highly efficient 500 lines per millimeter
  • Single axis holographic diffraction grating lenses separate light from any source
  • Recommended for use with our Power Supply and Spectrum Gas Tubes
Light Blox by Laser Classroom - Three High Tech Light Sources - Classroom Material to Learn about Physics and Optics

Approx. price: $32.

Key Features:

  • Light. To kids, it’s simply how you see better in a dark room. With the Light BLOX from Laser Classroom, kids can learn so much about the science of light like colors, shadows, reflections and refractions. Teach things like why green objects appear dark when you shine a red light on them, or why light bends when it shines through lenses (not included). With LIGHT BLOX, you can easily introduce a fascinating STEM subject and career options to individual students or entire classrooms.
  • This kit focuses on teaching the STEM curriculum to kids through hands-on learning using easy-to-do science experiments. These fundamentals can be applied to real-life scenarios to help those kids better understand things like how TV screens work, the differences between different kinds of light and other uses for it. It’s perfect for personal science projects, presentations in front of a classroom, or anything in-between.
  • The kit comes with three high-tech LED lights (blue, red and green) that kids can use to learn about the properties of light. Each light also has a slit cap to produce a ray of light which can be removed to make each laser LED into a color flashlight—perfect for seeing how colors blend with each other and even to learn how white light is made. Each LED light comes with 2 AA batteries so kids can get to learning as soon as they open the box.
  • Light BLOX from Laser Classroom, essential classroom science supplies, not only helps introduce children aged 8 and up to STEM, but involves them through active, hands-on learning that prepares them for advanced education in a STEM field. Many of the activities you can do with Light BLOX support NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Connections by giving them prime examples of evidence-based reasoning and science.
  • The Light BLOX from Laser Classroom is especially perfect for teaching kids in the classroom. Need to demonstrate something specific? Take it to them at their desk! Want to show the whole classroom the discovery of an excited student? Light BLOX will magnetically stick to the whiteboard, too!
Optical Glass Lens and Prism Set 7 Piece

Approx. price: $40.

Key Features:

  • Material: Optical glass
  • This is a great set for demonstrating optical principles and effects for students and learning about the properties of light. Nice set for reflecting and refracting.
  • Size:semicircle: 90*45*10mm, triangular shaped lens:60*60*85*10mm, trapezoidal:83*38*10mm, double-concave:85*35*10mm , double-convex:85*35*10mm, triangular prism:30*30*30mm, rectangle lens: 40*60*20mm
  • Package: double-concave, double-convex, trapezoidal, semicircle, rectangle lens, triangular shaped lens, and triangular prism.
  • Notice: These products are only wrapped in bubble for safe shipping.
Amlong Crystal 2.5 inch Optical Glass Triangular Prism for Teaching Light Spectrum Physics and Photo Photography Prism, 60mm

Approx. price: $9.8.

Key Features:

  • Use this triangular prism to split a beam of light into its spectral components (the colors of the rainbow).
  • Side Length: 1.38 inch / 35mm, More Than Average Width, Stable Handheld.
  • Show your kids a rainbow, or have photography fun.
  • Material: Optic glass, not plastic.
  • With AMLONG CRYSTAL Authentic Brand Logo Box, Fully Protected Package.
StayMax Physical Optical Experiment Set Concave/Convex Lens

Approx. price: $20.

Key Features:

  • Material:Acrylic
  • You can do optical experiments and demonstrate optical principles and effects for kids.
  • Nice set to show different aspects of lenses and light passing through and bending.
  • Nice set for reflecting and refracting light
  • Package Includes 5 lens.

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