Top Audio Sequencers of November 2020

November 20, 2020 By John Bruner

We present you a rating of 10 best Audio Sequencers available for sale of November 2020 with a description of technical characteristics.

Audio Sequencers with Great Reviews

Emerson 24A34-5 Electric Heat Sequencer, 3 Switches

Emerson Climate Technologies

Emerson 24A34-5 Electric Heat Sequencer, 3 Switches

Approx. price: $27.

Key Features:

  • Direct Replacement for Most Fan / Heat Sequencing Functions
  • Three switches
  • On Timings: 1-110 sec
  • Off Timings: 1-110 sec
  • 24 Volt input control
The Middle Path- Saatvik Sequencers (Brand New Single Disc Audio Cd, Released By Audio Ashram)

Approx. price: $26.

Budget Friendly Audio Sequencers

G-Stomper Studio

G-Stomper Studio

Approx. price: $14.

Key Features:

  • Drum Machine and Grid Sequencer with up to 24 Tracks + Polyphonic Step Sequencer with up to 12 Tracks
  • Real-Time Sample Modulation with full Motion Sequencing/Automation Support
  • Polyphonic Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (Advanced FM support, Waveform and Multi-Sample based Synthesis)
  • Ableton Link integration / Full round-trip MIDI integration (IN/OUT), Android 5+: USB (host), Android 6+: USB (host+peripheral) + Bluetooth (host)
  • WAV File Export (full version): 8/16/24/32bit, up to 96kHz, mono/stereo, User Sample Support (load your own samples): 8-64bit uncompressed WAV or AIF
Best Audio Sequencers for Budget Conscious Users

The Main Sequencer Window (Arrangement View)


Approx. price: $1.1.

Composition for Computer Musicians

Approx. price: $55.

Musicpro Guides: Reason 3.0 Advanced Level

Approx. price: $21.

Key Features:

  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Composer: MusicPro Guides
  • Reason can be used as a self-contained synth studio system, a sub-system synchonized to your audio sequencer (including using it with ReWire and your favorite DAW application), or as a Workstation synth
  • This Advanced DVD helps you dive in to the depths of Reason by training you on Reason's synthesis abilities with explinations of Oscillators, Filters, and Modulators such as LFO's and Envelopes
  • You'll learn how to explore and use Reason's on-board synths like the Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer, NN19 Digital Sampler (even loading your own samples), NN-XT Advanced Sampler, Dr
Universal Migrator Pt.1: The Dream Sequencer

Approx. price: $4.4.


Music Studio

Xewton GmbH

Music Studio

Approx. price: $14.

Key Features:

  • 178 studio-recorded instruments
  • 127-track sequencer for MIDI & audio
  • 6 real-time effects
  • 100 drum loops
  • Photorealistic 85-key keyboard

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