Nintendo Wii Video Games

Few game consoles have caused as much excitement as the Nintendo Wii. Before motion tracking software became commonplace and began to be actually used in games, and not just added to the surplus, Nintendo used the Wii to try to make a revolution in the game world (before the official announcement, the codename of the console was Revolution). With the help of a two-element control scheme, Wiimote and Nunchuk, Wii promised gamers the opportunity to experience a new paradigm, and on the wave of popularity to turn the human body itself into a game controller. Top of the best Nintendo Wii Video Games in all popular genres (shooters, RPG, strategy, arcade, simulation, horror, online, etc.) with detailed information: player ratings and reviews, release dates of games and add-ONS (DLC), screenshots and videos.

June 29, 2020

Popular Nintendo Wii Console Bundles

By Mike Houchins

The Wii is a 7th-generation video game console, the 5th Nintendo home console, and the successor to the Nintendo GameCube.…